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20700 Carmen Loop #120
Bend, Oregon 97702


Hand-painted artisan tile, made in the US.

Recycled Content, Tile Sizes + Specifications

Hand-made, expect variation. 

50% pre-consumer recycled content in our Quarry Bisque. 

We use Metropolitan Quarry as our base tile.

The production of our extruded quarry tile creates a waste product that cannot be added, in large volume, to our existing colors. Other manufacturing processes create waste products including fired scrap. Through additional blending and processing of large quantities of these products and then blending it further, with new material, we are now able to offer a product with a pre-consumer* recycled content of over 50%. ENVIROQUARRY® meets the same tough standards as our regular quarry products and is kiln flashed for random color variation and added appeal.


Remodeling and Home Design